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A letter from Aneesh Alidina, Founder of Deep Coaching Academy and creator of this online free life coach course.

Dear Fellow Future Coach 🙂

I trust this letter finds you in good spirits as you take your first few steps into the wonderful world of coaching.

For 18+ years I’ve worked with multinational organisations, non-profits, start-ups and individuals with a goal to empower others to create meaningful change.

But let me tell you, my most fulfilling work has been coaching individuals 1-to-1. It’s a labour of love and a personal mission to share these coaching skills which have been so transformative to me.

You know, many aspiring coaches hesitate before taking the plunge because a life coach certification course can be a big financial commitment. So let me reassure you, you don’t have to dive headfirst just yet, because I have a gift for you.

Let me proudly present you (drum rolls🥁..,) this Free life coach course online, pay nothing upfront, no commitment, no strings attached. Amazing right?

Within this free life coach course, you’ll explore one of the Coaching models that Google uses. as well as techniques that you can apply immediately to your own life and decide if coaching really is a path for you. Think of this course as a companion on your journey toward a more inspiring life.

Join 300+ students who have taken this generous course is because it gives you  practical tools and techniques, which could cost $1000’s elsewhere.

Okay, I’ll see you on the inside when you start your free life coach course.

Wishing you true success as you begin along your path as an inspirational coach.  

Warm regards,
Aneesh Alidina

Deep Coaching Academy Founder, Author

P.S. Any questions? You can always contact us.

What You'll Get

Learn Google’s Coaching Model
Google’s study on leadership found that Coaching was #1 key to being a great manager. Learn the Coaching model used by Google in this course.

✔ Explore the Art of Deeper Listening and Powerful Questioning
By practising deeper listening skills and by asking powerful questions, you’ll help clients get to those ‘aha’ moments of insight and help them authentically grow in their lives.

Explore Core Beliefs & Clarify Values
Through the life coaching course you’ll understand how to discover core beliefs and clarify personal values; these are some of the core ingredients to leading a more meaningful and purposeful life

 Fundamental Principles of Life Coaching 
Develop coaching skills and learn about achieving deeper results for clients. Expand your skills and knowledge.

✔ Get unstuck and break free from limitations
Not only are you training as a coach, you’re unleashing your potential and flourishing as a human being. Be the change that you want to see in the world.

✔ Discover New Possibilities, Deeper Focus
Understand the formula for setting goals that stick for yourself and how you can help set goals for clients that will really make a difference.

Meet Your Course Instructor


Aneesh Alidina is the Deep Coaching Academy founder and author of this free life coach course online. Based in London, for over 18 years Aneesh has worked with many international organisations, non-profits, and start-ups, bringing his expertise to empower others and create meaningful change.

Aneesh’s journey is far more than a mere professional trajectory—it’s a story of self-discovery, a pursuit of purpose, and a deep-rooted passion for personal growth and coaching. In his early career, Aneesh found himself lured by the allure of New York City and the siren song of Corporate America. Yet, at a pivotal crossroads, he chose a different path—a path that resonated with his innermost calling and ignited a fire within.

In a serendipitous twist of fate, Aneesh stumbled upon the transformative power of coaching, forever changing his life. Fuelling his thirst for knowledge and personal development, he embarked on a quest, exploring human psychology, and philosophy, honing his coaching skills, and empowering individuals to find their true potential.

Course Curriculum

Whats Inside Your Free Life Coach Course

Module One – Life Coaching Fundamentals
Dive into the essential fundamentals of life coaching. Understand what coaching really is and what it means to become a life coach.

Module Two – Deep Listening: Amplifying Impact through Listening

Elevate your coaching with active listening mastery, tuning in, understanding, and responding with precision for profound connections.

Module Three – Alchemy of Connection: Create Strong Coaching Relationships
Journey into relationship building, delving into the dynamics of trust, connection, and rapport for lasting life coaching partnerships.

Module Four – Powerful Questioning: The Art of Empowering Questions
Create space for transformation with the art of powerful questioning, guiding clients toward self-discovery and sparking breakthroughs.

Module Five – Coaching Blueprints: Exploring Effective Life Coaching Models
Discover coaching models which you can use in coaching practice, exploring versatile models to confidently navigate every coaching scenario.

Module Six – Coaching in Action: Real-World Coaching Practice
Bring theory to life with hands-on practice, immersing yourself in real-world scenarios to emerge ready for impactful coaching.  Learn how to become a life coach.

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Get instant access to the online course. It’s your guide to life coaching, filled with practical tools and strategies for your coaching practice.

... packed full of such useful information and ideas. I know that readers will find it an essential component of either their journey toward self-change or to improve their life coach skills. (Maybe both!)
Susan K.
Author, Certified Life Coach