About Deep Coaching Academy

Welcome to the Deep Coaching Academy

Founded by Aneesh, Coach, Explorer and Educator — helping individuals live their highest values through deeper transformative coaching.

The mission of Deep Coaching Academy is to create a nourishing space where new and practising deep coaches feel naturally supported to learn, share and grow together in an empowering global community.

The Academy serves a range of individuals including professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, change-makers and anyone who is aspiring to coach and seek deeper inner growth.

Why Deep Coaching

The Deep Coaching Academy courses help people work to change their perception of themselves from experiencing the limited self to being more empowered, conscious and connected to their deeper authentic Self.

Living with knowledge and experience of the true Self leads to more joy, fulfilment and purpose. Learners become experienced guides in various roles, not just coaching, but as mentors, teachers, therapists, consultants and more.

Expanding Awareness

By expanding our consciousness from our limited self, we become better equipped to create positive change.  Our coach training programs are designed to help individuals awaken to their true potential and gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

Deep transformation goes beyond goal setting and overcoming challenges which traditional coaching addresses, but also involves the expansion of one’s consciousness, worldview and the role they choose to play.

New Dynamic Form of Coaching

Our programs are designed to help individuals take meaningful action and make a real impact. We’re committed to supporting our coaches as they grow and transform, and inspiring them to become agents of positive change in the world.